Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today, I have learned why Green Tentacle's "Twelve full ounces? That's a lot!" was so funny. I feel enlightened. In other news, a bunch of safe deposit boxes in a Hong Kong bank were crushed for scrap metal with depositors' most precious belongings still in them, a prop home used to teach fire safety caused a fire that killed a dog and incapacitated the fire truck that would otherwise have put out the fire (hear anything about that, those Arkansas people on my list?), and I suspect this Frenchman just found a unique way to avoid a speeding ticket. Notice that it says he stopped just before hitting a tollbooth by doing exactly what he'd been doing all along... the thought of slipping the car into neutral apparently never crossed his mind either. Not sure I'd want to put my car in neutral while going at 120 MPH, but then the company spokesman for the car manufacturer doesn't believe the story. I've heard a firsthand account of someone whose cruise control malfunctioned and she only stopped it by shutting the car off, and I have no reason to doubt her, but she'd performed a specific action that she says has since been shown to be a software flaw in that brand of car.

I just had to mention that Green Tentacle thing. Bite the wax tadpole and bring your ancestors back from the dead.

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