Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

By "short", I mean on the order of an hour, probably

Today's Bridge: My side swept the first rubber in two 4S hands - the first one was pretty tough, but I took my three losers and made the contract. The second one had me holding six spades and six diamonds - with the opponents pre-empting in clubs, where I was void, I was willing to push to game more or less on my own. Dan C. actually had three spades and four diamonds, but the opponents didn't have any voids in either suit, and when they failed to capitalize on a diamond ruff or the ace of hearts, I took two overtricks. We came out on top in the second rubber as well, but only because we ran out of time - the final hand was probably one of the most harrowing 1NT contracts I've ever played.

Today's Work: We're making progress on documentation, which is most of what my job is about at the moment. The usual distractions, and a bit of being very, very tired. I got up early so I'd have time to make dinner tonight, and maybe that didn't work out so well. At least it gave me time to record most of the next chapter of Folklore. There's too much stuff I can't do yet, but at least it means that the grinding video might be pretty short.

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