Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I should not be the worst part of a game where everything is the worst part

Another day, another late day of work. Things went really well, though. We had two meetings to go over courses of action to correct situations that haven't been working very well for us, and both meetings resulted in decisions that I think will be to our benefit. Then I met with one of the trainers I argued with a few weeks ago to look at the system features he thinks the users will need most, and while I don't know that we'll actually be able to include them (one will probably require hardware changes, while the other would be a pretty complicated software change to make very useful), I certainly think I can argue in favor of putting them on the to-do list.

The evening was unmemorable - I did a take of commentary for the first Fable video, but I think I should redo it. Just because the game is terrible doesn't mean that my commentary should be.

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