Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

The fun ends eventually, but I'll always remember it

One last day of fun - another late start, but we watched enough of Ghosts With Shit Jobs to build an interest, I think. We went to a Half-Price Books, where I saw a few things worth buying but settled on a Powerpuff Girls PS2 game, and split up to have dinner - I went to an Asian restaurant called Woow for chicken Pad Thai and mochi ice cream, since they never seem to have any at Ru Yi. We all met up again at the Galloping Ghost arcade for a few hours of unlimited gaming, and we'll meet one last time in the morning for goodbyes before I head home. The week has had its disappointments, but only that we didn't get to do more together. It's been fun times, and I don't care how bad things may be at work when I return or how much I'll have to catch up on - I would do this vacation again in a heartbeat. But I might choose a different hotel next time.


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