Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Learn to dance, stay for the rhythm-based gameplay?

Today's Bridge: I surprisingly got to play, and we had one hand worth much of anything. We had a hard-fought 1C under our belts (and that was mainly because Dan H. ruffed his partner's ace for no reason I could see), and Dan opened 1D when I had A-Q-8-x-x-x in the suit and almost nothing on the side. I jumped to 4D, and he left it there for the game. The opponents had most of the success, but that's nothing new.

The day wasn't a complete bust, but it wasn't a complete success either. We had a big meeting with all the engineers, and I reminded them of the importance of sending me data that no one actually sent me even so. I had another meeting in the afternoon that was mostly boring and almost entirely irrelevant to me, and then my E-mail stopped working and I didn't notice until the lead systems engineer called me to ask if I'd seen an E-mail. The higher-ups are apparently still asking for so much data that even the systems engineer agrees it's too much - but this time, we're likely going to call their bluff by telling them how many people it will take to fill out their report every week. People who likely won't have the information to fill out the report, as it happens, because I get most of that information by paying attention to what's happening on the project and getting involved... which I can't do if I'm spending all my time filling out a report.

Got a busy day tomorrow - I should probably post the next Folklore video, and I have several errands to do. Good thing I finally transferred my DSi games over to my 3DS so I could start buying more. Avenging Spirit, Gargoyle's Quest, both Shantae games, and both of the Zelda Oracle games so far. Also some game I can't remember the title of because I needed to spend the last of my points before doing the transfer.

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