Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I'm so looking forward to the holiday. This is a boring week.

Today's Bridge: We had very little to work with. We barely bid and made 4S, then made 5C on a 2C bid because the opponents didn't cash their spade tricks - I doubt we'd have made 5C because one of the opponents would have had to lead a spade at some point. That was all after the opponents swept the first rubber in three hands, with overtricks galore. In the final hand, I actually had S A-x-x H A-x-x D K-J-9-x-x C A-J or thereabouts, and it was my open. I started with 1NT, and Paul doubled. Dan H. passed, and Dan C. bid 2S. I felt I had to say something despite the way the auction was going, and my diamonds were solid enough to say 3D. Paul and Dan H. passed, and Dan C. bid 3H. I decided to leave that alone, and Paul raised to 4H. That, I doubled. Paul had S Q-J H K-x-x-x D A-Q-x C K-x-x-x, and I naturally started with the clubs. Dan decided to lead the king of hearts, setting up my partner's queen, and I found my partner with the king of spades, although he elected to lead a spade back instead of a club. I ended up getting a long heart at the end anyway after my partner cashed his long spades, so I guess it worked out.

I guess work was a bit exciting when, while trying to balance my time between three different things I need to do this week, I got a fourth thing dumped in my lap that needed to be done today, only it can't. All we can do at this point is say that we're working on it and why it's not a problem that we haven't done it yet. So that's what we did.

The rain when I got home was heavy enough to soak me right through my raincoat. I hate when that happens, especially since the only reason I was out in it for that long was to hike to the mailbox for my weekly junk mail. Well, it was wet enough that I just tossed it straight in the trash.

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