Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

If I had a Friday off, I'd probably do it too. Okay, no.

The week is finally more than half over, and so far, it's not going as badly as I'd expected. I could even see myself continuing to leave this early for work after this week... but I don't think it will happen. We got out of class early enough for me to head back to the office and do my timesheet, and read some E-mail but not answer any. For some reason, it seems like everyone chose this week to have really important things happen that I can't be part of. Oh well. Like I always say, if they wanted me to do work, they wouldn't make me do training instead.

Meanwhile, two more days of waking up way too early - although if we finish enough tomorrow, the last day of class might be canceled and I can return to the office instead. It sounds like most of the class was planning to be out Friday. I don't know why people chose this week to have an all-week class if they were going to be out on the last day. Then again, I can guess.

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