Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Too tired (read: lazy) to go buy food today. I'll have to take non-caffeinated soda to work tomorrow, but I'll manage. Hopefully, I can get to work early enough that leaving a bit earlier to buy the food will make sense. I've got enough that I could probably last the rest of the week if I really had to. I'd just have to resort to Pop-Tarts for lunch and maybe even water instead of soda. But I expect I'll have done the food shopping by Wednesday. That's when I run out of pizza. Unless I make the other pizza for dinner that night. Hmmm...

Dan and I got whomped in the first rubber because our hands stank. Completely. Then we got some good ones and set their first bid by five tricks doubled. I forget how that worked, but I think Kelly took Mike's club response to be stronger than it was... five points with four clubs and a weak doubleton in diamonds, raising her 2C overcall to 3C. Dan had opened 1NT and I responded 2D because I had six of them, but not a great deal of power. Dan bid 3H over Mike's 3C, and Kelly went to 4C. Dan doubled that. I had the singleton ace of clubs, which covered Kelly's king when she tried to pull trump, leaving Dan's queen high. I rammed several spades through their power and set up my J-10, only to see Dan's queen cover them. Fortunately, he led to the board's diamond, forcing her to lead Mike's last spade to my good ten, so we got them both. I told Dan he should have played the queen on the first spade trick, but it didn't affect things in the end. Then we made a 4D bid exactly... we had ten diamonds but three losers right off the top. Then Kelly opened 2C in the final hand, Mike responded 3D, Kelly bid 4D (that confused us all), Mike bid 4H, and she passed. He had three hearts to the ace, she had three to the 9 or so, and I had five to the Q-J. Dan had an interesting strategy of leading his Q-J of spades into Kelly's A-K, which didn't hurt them much, but we still set them four tricks or so. Too bad I couldn't double, but that would have let them change suits. Kelly turned out to have only 18 points... she thought 2C meant 15-18 points. Oops. Then we explained to her that his 4H was a cue-bid, due to her having made the unusual 4D bid... in that situation, the proper bid over 3D (had she actually held 22 points and the four diamonds she had) was 5D, straight to game, or 4NT looking for slam. 4D was a slam invitation asking for more information, and when he named his ace (the ace of hearts), passing was the worst thing she could do. I didn't mind, though.

Work went well... I still solve problems before anyone else realizes that they're problems. But I have to finish that two-page resume by Friday on pain of... having them edit it and send it back to me for yet more corrections, until they feel that it's "solid" enough. I'm not the only one having problems with this process... some of the other people there have been performing the same job for their entire careers and literally have nothing else to write... and one of the women owned her own business for years before being hired at EG&G, and they ordered her to remove that from her resume. Hello? Baking soda?

I need to go play some Dark Cloud 2, or rather try to invent more stuff. I've gotten lax about anime watching again, but I had a whole weekend of it, so I think I'm entitled to a bit of a break. I'll finish the Ranma DVD tonight for sure, even if it's during the Dark Cloud 2 playing.

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