Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I can bookmark videos and watch them later. As I will.

This weekend's manga: Pandora Hearts 14 and 15, Dawn of the Arcana 9, The Flowers of Evil 5, Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden 11, Mayo Chiki 2, Until Death Do Us Part 3, Psyren 9, Zero's Familiar 1-3, Kanokon 1-2, A Certain Scientific Railgun 7, Demon Love Spell 2, Durarara Saika Arc 1, Fairy Tail 24, Is this a Zombie? 4, Rosario + Vampire Season II 11, Bakuman 18, Blue Exorcist 9, Blood Lad 2, Strobe Edge 3, Higurashi Massacre Arc 3, Missions of Love 3, Soul Eater 13, Umineko Legend of the Golden Witch 2, Alice in the Country of Clover 4, Alice: My Fanatic Rabbit 2, and the Negima finale.

The weekend ended in pretty typical fashion. Since I did my shopping before I left, I had plenty of time to hang around, unpack, and watch lots of videos. There are still more videos. I'm afraid to check the forum again and see whether there are even more videos. There probably are.
Tags: manga

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