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Some old friends showed up in #fanfic... I couldn't pass that up for Dark Cloud 2. I played a bit of that, and while trying to randomly invent something I accidentally invented something else that was much cooler. Only took about half an hour to exhaust all possibilities with a particular photo. There are still three photos I want to try that with, though. And even more if I get that bored. I've got to think of things I might need to pack for the trip... the usual reference books and a few novels, of course, and the clothes are already packed. I just have to decide what time tomorrow I want to leave and remember to post my bill payments as I pass the post office. I've got my bottle of soda and box of Pop-Tarts, and I'll pack my laptop at the last minute as always. Need to print out the hotel reservation, just in case. Once that's done... I think I have everything.

Some downloads, ho hum.

We got some bad breaks but pulled through for the most part. Bid 3NT, made 6, but I preferred hearts as a trump suit. I think we bummed out on a 3C hand, which was my shift over Mike's 2H. He neglected to rebid, leaving me with four clubs and him with 3. Naturally, they broke 4-2. We had a great hand of hearts, and Dan ventured a 5C bid over our 4H. I doubled that, as I had Q-J-9-x-x, and Kelly bid 5S. Mike doubled that one, and we set them five. An earlier hand, we set only two because Mike led the high diamond to pull my singleton, then didn't lead another for the ruff. But that was still two tricks doubled. They went for a 4H hand at the end that would probably have cost them the rubber had they made it, but they were off one yet again. Mike wants to start another tournament, which he may or may not participate in. I'm lost. But I'm going to miss Bridge for the next few days.

The fourth boxed set of Ranma showed up today. Now I have the entire series. I left the star off in case I ever get the movies, but for now, I've got plenty of Ranma to keep me entertained and maybe even inspired for more Boku no Nerima no Ichinichi. If only I knew more Japanese poetry so I could write a passable Kuno...

Even though I'm not going to work tomorrow, I should sleep. Sleep will help me stay awake while I drive and not crash. "Steering avoids collision. Do you want to crash?" "Well, no..." "Then perhaps you should steer." "But I don't want to." "Do you want to crash?" "Well, no, but..." CRASH!

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