Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Watching my own attempts at comedy

I think today was a pretty good ending to the week. I finished as much of the reports as I could, but I think I have a grossly outdated version of the final one that only has a third of the information I need. I'm hoping to get the updated version early next week. I had some very pleasant conversations, and Bridge went pretty well too. The only problem I saw was that my partner got really gun-shy in a hand where he had plenty of support and left me in 4C. When the opponents failed to cash their ace of diamonds, I took every trick. Every suit split exactly the way I wanted it to. The only bad thing was the commute - both ways, I ended up behind a construction vehicle driving about 35, and the one in the morning was tall enough to rip out one of the overhanging wires.

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