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Today's interview question comes from opendash: In a physical battle between a PS2 and a GameCube, who do you think will win?
My answer: Normally, I would empirically confirm the answer, but I value both my Gamecube and my PS2 and really don't want to destroy them, even in the name of research. I suspect that any impact hard enough to destroy one of them would destroy both, but if one of them were to survive, I would anticipate that it would be the PS2. The Gamecube appears to have a good shape, but it's covered in moving parts - the lid particularly would pop off at a moment's notice. The PS2 is small and thin and the defects in its creation were software-based. Not that either would still play games afterward... now, the controllers might be another matter. But Playstation controllers have always been durable and long-lasting. Nintendo boned it big time with the N64 analog stick, but the Gamecube version appears to be of better construction. Still, I think the handles on the Gamecube version are a bit weaker, so I have to give the victory to Sony again. Now, if anyone out there has a pair of systems they'd like to throw at each other just hard enough to destroy one but not the other, please let me know how that turns out. Prove me wrong if you can. ^_^

Today was Sunday, for all intents and purposes. I played a bit of Skies of Arcadia Legends and a larger bit of Dark Cloud 2. I've finally tracked down the last person who has a request, and now I'm trying to complete more Spheda courses... targeting the ones I haven't beaten yet for Medals. Monica's wearing her Panther Bikini now, and enjoying it thoroughly, based on that smile she's got. Then again, she always smiles like that... and so does Max even if you make him up to look like a clown. I got my Sun Badge, so I should probably hunt down a Diamond and get that badge. And I beat some new enemies and evolved some weapons... and the numerous weapons I picked up in the early levels are going toward building up yet more weapons. I can make some powerful ones at low cost and build up quickly that way.

Watched the first episode of Here Is Greenwood and the first mini-episode of Psychic Academy, just to see them. Orina's hair was pink and purple in the manga, but it's green and green in the anime. That's weird.

The hour challenge didn't happen tonight... doesn't anyone out there like to write anime fanfiction? It's a perfect chance to write without distraction for an hour and get immediate feedback on it. I believe that, by current FFML rules, Megas XLR is accepted as a series close enough to be considered under the anime umbrella. Harry Potter's not, but you could cross it with an anime series. lurkerdrome did, and I've been enjoying it. I want to enjoy more, but alas, I can't. He will rectify this. I will also rectify the lack of more ADC when my prereaders return their results. News at 11.

Also, there was another discussion today about the importance of voting. I still don't do it because I don't think it makes a difference. Some defend their position by saying "If you don't vote, you can't complain about the result." Well, two problems with that. Yes, I CAN complain provided that a single vote would not have changed the result. If it would, then you're right, I can't complain. Otherwise, what have I changed by not voting? Not a thing, and the numbers will exist to prove it. Second, what more right would I have to complain if I DID vote? If I still lose, then clearly I'm in a minority and must defer to the wishes of the greater part of the American populace. And EVERYBODY complains, whether they voted for the guy in office or not. It's part of being American, and quite possibly part of being human as well. Whoever's in office has screwed up in a way that the other guy wouldn't have... except if the roles were reversed, it would be a completely different but just as deplorable screw-up. That's what I believe, and that's why I don't vote. Because even if it changes the outcome of the election, it doesn't change what comes next in a significant way.

I'm going to go wash off the stink of politics now. In the shower.
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