Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

The Ambassadors of Ni no Kuni, perhaps

Not a bad way to end a week. We pulled together a build, more or less - there are still things we need to fix, but management wants the latest we have for testing next week, so we had to wrap up today to get it installed on Monday. I got involved with one of the big problems at the end of the day, but the guy who knows the most about fixing it leaves early, so we didn't get that done. I'm convinced that my explanation is correct, though, and that if we can figure out how to implement the change I suggested, it'll fix that problem. There's another really big one that we may need some help sorting out - I wanted to gather more data, but didn't have the time to set things up today. We had a big meeting to discuss how the project is going and what we can do to more effectively work with the rest of the team to get everything wrapped up, another meeting to discuss some contract stuff... all the usual distractions that are also just as much part of my job as the things they're distracting me from. Speaking of distractions, I need to choose between playing a game or working on a video, and possibly watching some Doctor Who while doing that.

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