Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Ni no Kuni? Yeah, I still have that. Somehow.

Today went more smoothly than I expected - which is to say that I expected problems, and I didn't expect swift resolutions. What I discovered was that there were still problems with our "final" build, due to several efforts not quite taking each other into account, so while that was going on, I approved a few very simple fixes for issues that our resident operator said were going to be problems going forward, which I think went over well with the engineers - they hate leaving problems unsolved. Which is good, because once we'd made the build with the fixes in it, we found a rather crucial feature not working - but this is a matter of configuration rather than something that would require a rebuild, we're pretty sure. Some of the engineers will be working tomorrow on that, and they should be able to figure out what we (or they) did wrong and tell us about it. I can't be there because they're pretty tight on overtime, and I didn't ask for any in advance, nor do I think my presence tomorrow would be required. This is a problem I know very little about - if I knew anything, we might have fixed it today.

I did the extra recording for Eryi's Action this evening and proceeded to try another round of EX mode. I got up to level 8 with most of my lives remaining... then lost them all trying to get past the teddy bear. That part is pretty unfair. If I can ever get the timing right, I should be able to get past it without too much trouble, but I have seven and a half levels to beat before I can try again. I recorded the commentary for the video, anyway, but I'll save cleaning it up until tomorrow. There are supposed to be something like three waves of snow, in addition to the snow that fell yesterday and made this morning's commute a pain (snow all over the highway and an accident in the road I take to get there). I expect I'll be spending most of this weekend in the house, possibly streaming some video, probably posting the Eryi video, and maybe working on another project I have lurking in the background.

It's also kind of funny that I decided to get back into Theatrhythm today, and the first thing I did was Perfect Chain a Dark Note. Then I lost a bunch of times on the most recent one I'd unlocked. It took pretty much forever to make it past there.

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