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Rose leveled up, and no new Addition. I'm not happy.

Two episodes of Happy Lesson, including the bonus episode. I'm happy.

The entire rubber pretty much centered around one hand. Kelly opened 1H, probably in third hand, Mike passed, and Raymond bid 2H. I had S Q-x-x-x-x H J D Q-J C A-x-x-x-x, which isn't much, but I felt I should say something, so I said 2S. Kelly bid 3H, Mike bid 3S, and Kelly bid 4H with a flourish. Mike doubled that, which saved me deciding whether to bid 4S or not, and Kelly confidently redoubled. We let that slide. Now, here's how it should have happened. Mike leads the ace of diamonds, on which I drop the queen, then the king, on which I toss the jack. I've high-lowed him, so he leads his last diamond for me to ruff with the singleton jack. Now I cash the ace of clubs for off one and lead a low spade through Kelly's ace, setting up his king for a second undertrick. 600 points to our side assuming they make all the rest, which they probably will since Raymond only had two spades. What actually happened was that Mike assumed I had the ace of spades and led his king on the third trick rather than giving me the ruff. Kelly won and pulled my jack of hearts, sluffed Raymond's spade somewhere along the way, and made the contract with an overtrick. Game and 730 points to their side. Mike was probably harder on himself than I was, but I blundered as well by bidding a 4H contract that went down three. Admittedly, the split was horrendous, and the five hearts we were missing were pretty much all honors. I had A-8-x-x-x and Mike had Q-6-x. That's the K-J-10-9-x in the hands of the opponents, and four of those were in Kelly's hand. Amazingly, she didn't double, which amazes me. If I had the equivalent of K-J-10-x in my hand when the opponents bid 4H, I'd double in a heartbeat. We lost the rubber by a bit, so the 4H was to try to redeem ourselves... no go. We did get a nice 3NT in there, though.

UPS tried to deliver the first Ranma package today, so I'm going in later this week to pick it up. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, I can't change the delivery details until they've tried once, so we're going to go through this for EVERY package, and there are four of them total. One was shipped "UPS or USPS" according to the website... I have no idea what that means. But at least it's not still "Processing". The other is scheduled for delivery tomorrow, so I think I'll call them tomorrow and see if they can just hold it for me when I come in to pick up the other package. Considering that they've got the same name on them, and they're going to the same address, it would seem to be clear that the same person should be able to pick them both up, and it'll save me having to wait an extra day, not that that would matter much. I may have to call Viz and ask what kind of shipping season 3 is going through... I sure hope they know, because they've got to have a way to track it to avoid fraud. And I do NOT want to have to pick it up at the post office after waiting that much longer, considering that I paid the extra for UPS shipping, and I want it UPS-shipped! Maybe I'm not QUITE as happy as I indicated, but that's still a long way off, and I should have five of the seven seasons by Thursday at the latest.

No new anime on Animesuki. I'm not happy.

Looks like I've got time to do my alpha edit, if I finish this quickly. I'm happy.

Work was weird. We finally got around to the long-overdue testing, and a problem came up right away that I hadn't thought of. It's pretty much the same problem I was trying to fix, but the circumstance that causes it is even less common than the one that caused the original problem. It's a simple fix all the same, but we either have to make a new PCR for it and leave it as is, since we're not really working new PCRs (although the effort to implement would be minimal, testing would require time I don't really have), or fail the PCR under test and end up most likely scrapping the rest of the fixes because it's going to take forever to go through the administrative processing again. And then the water supply for the building broke, leaving us without drinking water or toilets, and I'd just finished the water in my thermos, making both problems for me. Fortunately, it was almost time for me to leave anyway, so I went across the street for the purpose I needed and left. But some people were stuck there. The other good news was that as I was leaving, I saw a PW guy working on the pipes. I'm sure it'll be fixed by tomorrow. It has to be.

It's over - I'm happy.

Only three people ever participated in my Audience Participation thing from a few days ago - I'm not happy.

Maybe more people will now that I've linked to it. I'll be happy then.

Wow. Talk about mood swings. Oh... I guess I just did. ^_^

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