Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

At least some problems can be solved with medicine.

Yeah, the day felt about as good as I expected it to feel. Like crap. I was more or less forced to wake up with my first alarm, which thankfully got me to work quite a bit earlier than usual, and there was a meeting in the middle of the day that helped keep things moving along. There were things to do in the morning, things to do in the afternoon, and things to do in the evening that I had to leave before finding out whether I did them right, but I checked my work and it looked right from my perspective. If I'd realized it was that easy, I might have done it long ago. (Probably not... I use bookmarks into Trac rather than Reports.) I have time this evening and am having trouble finding the motivation to enjoy it. I'd hop into bed if I had the slightest inclination to fall asleep, but I think I'm overdue for a Torin video.

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