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We got off to a decent start... 1NT with an overtrick that Paul S. played well enough despite his lack of confidence in his notrump skills, then the other side made a 4H to get a game. We set them a few times including two 3NTs, both of which Paul S. misplayed by leading exactly the suit that Paul had bid during the auction, finessing me, when leading an unbid suit would guarantee a set. For example, Dan had A-Q of clubs and I had K-J-3. A club lead sets up two club tricks for me, since if Paul takes the ace, I drop the three and have the K-J left, or if he plays the queen, I take the king and lead the three, forcing out his ace and leaving my jack high when I get back in with the K-Q of hearts. Fortunately, Paul misplayed the first one by planning a double diamond finesse, which would have worked, and then sluffing a diamond from the board on a heart trick and leaving himself a losing spade instead of a winning diamond. I think the second was a random sacrifice... actually, Paul jumped from Dan's 1H to 3NT with only 5 points in his hand, but since Dan had opened in fourth seat, Paul took it to be stronger than it was. He had a long club suit, six to the J-10-9, that he hoped Dan could run. Dan corrected to 4H, and that was the contract. I managed to set up some good diamonds thanks to the board being short in both red suits, and Dan missed the chance to finesse a club when Paul S. led the ace, Dan dropped his lone king, and Paul S. led another club. I couldn't figure out why he'd do something like that. Still, off two. Then I found myself holding S A-K-7-x-x-x H K D K-J-x-x C J-10, and I think Dan opened 1C, so I overcalled 1S. Paul bid 2H, and Paul S. passed. Dan raised him to 3H, I think, and I bid 3S, so Paul bid 4H. Paul S. bid 4S, which happified me, and Paul decided to double, believing that there was no way we could make it. Then he led a low diamond. Yes, it was a singleton, and it couldn't have worked better for me... Paul S. held S Q-x-x H J-x-x D A-x-x-x-x C x-x. Perfect. I took the default diamond finesse, covering Dan's 10 with my jack, then led up to the queen of spades and back to my A-K, pulling all the outstanding trump. Then I cashed my king of diamonds and led up to the ace, running the rest of the diamonds from the board and sluffing a losing club. I conceded a club loser and a heart loser to make the contract with an overtrick. (Misscored it... was supposed to be 100 rather than 200 for the overtrick since we weren't vulnerable, but oh well.) That tied us at one game apiece... of course, had Paul bid 5H, he'd have made it with only a spade loser and a diamond loser, and we couldn't make 5S because if he leads his A-K of clubs and ace of hearts straight off, he holds us to four. I'd still have done it, though. Then I had another one of those hands, with H A-K-Q-x-x-x-x D 8-2 C K-x-x-x. I opened 2H, and Paul overcalled 3D. Paul S. bid 3S, and Dan bid 4D, so I naturally bid 4H. Paul bid 5D, and I decided to double that, just to make sure Paul S. knew to lead a spade. The ace he led indeed, and I sluffed a heart, so he led right through Dan's king and I ruffed low. Then I ran the A-K of hearts, cleaning out everyone else's hands, and then I led the queen. Paul sluffed a club, Paul S. sluffed a club, and Dan got the low ruff. Then Paul led a diamond from the board, and Paul S. showed out. So Paul led another diamond, and we both showed out. That's when Paul S. realized he'd screwed up. With them already off two doubled, he'd misplaced a diamond in his hand and failed to follow suit. Two-trick penalty, and my king of clubs turned out to be worthless, giving them the contract due to a useless card. I was pissed, needless to say, but Paul S. wasn't up to that after having spent the whole morning (AGAIN) wrestling with the fileserver. We decided to play one last hand off the record, because I didn't feel like keeping score, and I had an amazing 20 point balanced hand with stoppers in every suit. Just a bit weak for a 2NT, so I opened my four-card diamond suit... and everyone passed. I threw my hand down in disgust. Then I decided we might as well play it, and Paul S. had 8 points and both four-card majors. I practically tore his head off... we had 3NT more than in the bag, no question, and he should have responded 1H or 1S to allow me to bid it. Well, I didn't really lose my temper, but we decided not to play the hand at all and just called it a day to discuss what we'd done. It was a rather bitter day.

That was long, for those who don't read it, so I'll be brief otherwise. Bad workday due to the server being down for half of it and Dan and Andrew both leaving early just as it came back up, then I came home and played a bit more Dark Cloud... I was closer to building up the Brave Ark than I thought, as one more upgrade will do it. And I put a ton of ABS on Xiao's slingshot, but then stepped on one of those blue pads that reduced the levels of two stats she needed for the evolution, and I decided to quit rather than have to build those up again AND build up her attack. I did beat the boss of the Moon, though... took me an Auto-Revive (Didn't realize he'd do 145 HP damage to Ungaga, who only had 130 HP at the time... many Fruits of Eden were consumed before that battle ended), several cheeses and a Premium Chicken, a Repair Powder, and more character switches than I care to count to beat him. And at the end of it all, Osmond's comment was "Wasn't that easy?" I wanted to strangle him SO much. And the enemies in the next area don't give as many ABS as the ones on the farthest craters of the Moon, so I'm going back there to build up Xiao and probably use some of those Boards of Courage to explore backfloors and get items.

Also half-watched episode 2 of Miami Guns... half because I really wanted to get QEFEFZ episode 3 published, now that my other prereader has rendered a verdict. I'm leaving it up for comments for a while before sending it to the FFML and, so feel free to read it and send me any comments you have for possible revisions. It also reveals the secret of the mysterious QEFQFZ2 that I've mentioned previously... heh heh heh heh heh. Now to finish the new chapter of ADC and get back to not having anything to write. ^_^

The rest of Saber Marionette J and Galaxy Angel arrived today, as expected. And I'm amassing a collection of Anime Nation boxes large enough to build my own tiny fort. I'll be taking up station at the rickety chair near the talking Pokemon.

Only one person responded to the Audience Participation bit from last time... perhaps it wasn't interesting enough. How IS it done? (Everyone, please do feel free to go back and do it. I thought it was fun. ^_^)

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