Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Once I restart the DVD... so many of them fail to reach the menu the first time. No idea why.

The last day of the week, and at some point, everything just started working. Well, not EVERYTHING... there were a few things not working, but for the most part, the things we really cared about worked just fine. If it's still working on Monday, we're in great shape. Then we get to enjoy the fruits of having spent the time not working on the documentation that's due imminently. Who cares about that now? It's the weekend, and I've got almost two whole days to get some chores done, maybe work on some LP videos, and possibly watch Planet of Giants at last and finish my official Susan Is A Dumbass counter. I suppose it's possible that it won't increase during this episode, but she's Susan.

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