Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Even rain couldn't make today worse than yesterday.

It would be redundant to say that today was an improvement, and there were still some parts that reminded me just how out of my depth I've been with this project, but I continue to help keep our focus on the important issues and reducing the negative side effects of our work. My home life is about the same as usual, but I've had to abandon my bathroom because the tiles are falling off the wall. I moved my stuff downstairs to the smaller shower in the basement, and if that works out for me, then I'll have an alternative until I can get mine repaired. If not, then sucks to be me.

I really should work on my LP tonight. The chances of me actually doing that... not too bad, I'd say. Might go ahead and see if I can write a set of credits while watching a Doctor Who episode. I'm discovering just how much the show did in its final years, and I should probably start getting there.

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