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Quick entry tonight, as I just got back from Terre Haute and it's already time I should be asleep. Decided to spend the whole day there again, as I got to hear about the wedding arrangements from the brother getting married, eat dinner with him and his fiancee, and play Crystal Chronicles in multiplayer (not bad, I suppose, but I was only just starting to get the hang of it when we decided to stop... not to mention that I'd chosen a character built for attacking and my bonus conditions were "Defeat opponents with spell fusions" and "Do not use physical attacks"... and his were "Inflict damage on enemies" both times. Take a guess who got more bonus points) and see the beginning of Star Ocean 3. I also played a bit more Dark Cloud... let me tell you, the Osmond-only levels are MUCH MUCH easier if you've built him up a bit first. I tried it the first time (before I knew better, way back in the day) with his default weapon... this time, I bought a Snail even before using him at all, and I've been building that up bit by bit. A few Powerup Powders later and it became the Blessing Gun (it costs 1500 FP to buy that outright ^_^), and two upgrades after that, I have a Skunk. Flamethrower (in Fire mode... it fires a stream of any element). COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I tore through that level in no time and am ready to start using Osmond as a fighting character as I continue to collect Atla.

Today's Manga: A pretty small collection, since I bought plenty last week. Alice 19th 6, Ceres 8, Hot Gimmick 6, and the first two books of Figure 17, since Curt likes it. No sign of Excel 8 yet, so when I place my Anime Nation order tomorrow, I'll add that to the list. More online manga. Yay.

Today's Anime: An even smaller collection, and amazingly, not a single series I already own. Read or Die the TV 1, Here is Greenwood, and the first two DVDs of Miami Guns. They had Kino's Journey 4, but not 3, so I'll order both of those from AN as well. It'll be a big order, but tomorrow, there will be much anime watching. There WILL be. I will make sure of that. Speaking of Kino's Journey, we did finish watching the first DVD... I now know what danightman was talking about. It came as no big surprise, but I was confused because so many other people were confused and I thought I wasn't supposed to be. It's the anime equivalent of what Mom likes about Pet Shop of Horrors. Mom... this is a series you need to check out. My recommendation of Brigadoon to anyone still stands, but this series is cool on many more levels. And though I hate levels, they work for Kino's Journey. We also watched the first DVD of Angelic Layer, which I've brought with me the last many times I went... he liked that too, as expected.

Now to gather my receipts and file them as usual, deduct the gas I purchased from my account balance, and get the hell to sleep. Getting MYSELF to sleep would be nice, but that never happens, especially after a full Red Lobster dinner, which I managed to finish, but because it had taken so long to bring out, the waiter offered us desserts on the house, and I couldn't refuse, and having failed to refuse, I couldn't leave the majority of it intact.... I re-tensed there, didn't I? Enjoy.

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