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I debug computer problems for hugs.

Kelly has returned, and seems to be doing quite well. We also had to drag Raymond in to join us, since Dan was out today and will probably be out all week. I got overambitious on the first hand and we bid up to 4H, then I blew it in forgivable fashion by playing for the queen drop rather than finessing, but I was missing four hearts to the queen and I did lead up from the board to my A-K-J-10 both times. By the time I had to choose for good, it was 50/50. We had two diamond losers and a club loser I couldn't avoid, though I managed to sluff a club loser on the diamond I'd set up. Then we set their 3D contract by a trick (I had four of them, which ended up not mattering in the slightest) to even the score, and I got another chance at a 4H contract. This time, Kelly opened 1D, Mike overcalled 2C, Raymond bid 2D, and I was looking at S x-x H K-x-x-x-x D A-x C A-10-x-x or so... 11 points and pretty good values with plenty of club support and a five-card heart suit. I bid 2H, planning to rebid clubs on the next go-round. Kelly bid 2S then, and Mike bid 3H, supporting me. Well, I naturally bid the 4C, and he picked 4H, so I was content. He turned out to have S Q-x H A-Q-J-10 D 8 C Q-J-8-x-x-x. I covered Kelly's opening six of clubs lead with the eight, and Raymond covered that with the nine, leaving my ten high. Then it was three rounds of trump-pulling, naturally ending in dummy, and I led a low club to my ace to pull Raymond's king. Then the Q-J of clubs to pull my last two, and I sluffed the spades on the last two clubs, led up to my ace of diamonds and ruffed the other diamond to leave me with a pair of hearts for the grand slam. Of course, they can take the A-K of spades right off the top and hold us to five, but how could they have known that? Then they learned a little something about the bidding, as Raymond opened 1NT (incorrectly... he had a six-card heart suit), and Kelly responded 2C. Fortunately, in addition to four clubs, she had four hearts and 12 points, so Raymond's 2H rebid was good news. She stuck with 3H, and he let it ride. They made 4 without a problem, naturally... and I informed them of what the Stayman Convention meant and why they should have found the game. We got to talk for a bit after that, since when Kelly joins us, we usually have to keep it short. Still, good to have her back.

Spent the evening editing QEFEFZ episode 3 for the beta draft. Anyone want to preread? I've got two, but one's already read the alpha and the other will have to read the earlier episodes first, so there's time. I might troll on IRC a bit tomorrow evening, but I have to buy the sour cream and DVDs then, so I may not have the time. And I need to hurry to shower and fit in an episode of Sailor Moon R tonight (I absolutely must!), so that's all for now.

Oh, and I don't seem to have that picture of me holding Ares anywhere... it may have been too big, and I deleted it. Or maybe I just can't find it in any of the usual places. So, Mom, could you E-mail me another copy? ^_^ Thanks. And that's my PSA for the night.

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