Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I just wasn't very hungry for dinner

It wasn't as bad a work day as I was expecting, possibly because I turned in a bit early last night and woke up several times during the night, finally ditching the fancy side sleeper pillow for the old standard contoured one. I was a lot less congested in the morning than I have been. I got to work earlier than usual and dealt with the things I've been needing to deal with. For the most part, I think they went okay, although it bothered me a bit when one guy asked three times whether he could commit a change that he wanted to make for a ticket that was marked as the next release. I couldn't remember why we'd pushed it off, so I wanted to make sure there wasn't a good reason for it. In the end, I approved the change because nobody could think of a reason not to. Things are moving as smoothly as can be expected. Now to wait for tomorrow morning to see whether the rumors are true...

I once again ditched working on the LP to put in some time in Dark Souls. The key I needed was right where I expected it to be, and I was able to open a few shortcuts and make my way to the boss of the area, although per my usual boss-meeting procedure, I Homewarded out of there as soon as I'd confirmed that it was the boss. I'm debating whether to head back there and try to fight it or just explore the area now that there's potentially more of it to be explored. I've found some cool stuff, including a renewable source of a crafting material that's been pretty much nonexistent until this point - it got me a whole one additional level for one of my weapons. I expect the same material can be used for +15 weapons, though, which might be a good option for one of the giant heavy swords that I'm not nearly strong enough to wield yet. I've been pouring all of my soul levels into Strength, though, so I might get there in the end. I think they require 36 Strength and I've got 30 now. If nothing else, I think I can wield a massive club at 40 and I know 50 will let me use a greatshield that has excellent defense, although I think I'll need to boost my Endurance a lot to be able to equip it. I'm sure there's plenty more game after I beat this boss, anyway, so there's time. And if not, I can start watching the LP so the guy who's never played the game before can show me all the things I've missed.

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