Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Today's Bridge: We had a chance to set the opponents' 4D when I led from my heart doubleton to New Dan's A-K, but instead of leading me a third heart, he switched to a club, and Dan pulled my trump before I could get a ruff. That was our low point, though - we completed our 60 partscore before the opponents could finish their 80, in an interesting auction where New Dan takeout doubled and passed my 2H response. We all agreed that it was the correct bid, and it was one of those hands where I found myself hemmorhaging tricks and just managed to come in with eight at the end. The final hand was a bit more interesting. Having achieved vulnerability and narrowed the point gap to 10, I started with S K-x-x H A-Q-10-x-x D x-x C J-x-x and opened 1H despite being quite a bit too weak for it. New Dan responded 2NT, which is strong support, so I tried to limit my hand with 3H. Kevin advised him (and rightly so) to raise to 4H with his S J-10-x-x H K-x-x D A-Q-x-x C A-x. That left us a bit weak, but I played the spots off the cards as would be expected. On the opening spade lead, I played the jack and Dan covered with the ace, leading a low spade back. I went up with the king, expecting Paul to have only one other spade at most, then pulled two rounds of trump, at which point Paul showed out, leaving Dan holding the J-9 and me the Q-10-x. I led my last spade, and Paul produced the queen and led a club, so I covered with the ace and led the ten through Dan. He sluffed another club, so I sluffed one as well and just led the last heart for the finesse. With Dan's hearts gone, I ran the diamond finesse, and it worked to set me up both diamond tricks to make the contract. Probably not a move I'd repeat, but had I not opened, I think we'd have ended up in notrump, which really doesn't work.

I spent almost the entire evening watching a stream of Torin's Passage, until I pretty much had to duck out for dinner around 10. It was still fun, although it came to a rather abrupt end that was largely my fault. Guess I've got a ton of videos to watch this weekend, in addition to everything else.

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