Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Stream pre-empts video work and Doctor Who. Still had fun.

Today's Bridge: I got the last slot of the top four, but I heard that there were enough people for two tables with new Dan joining us. He was an opponent today, and I hope he learned plenty. Things like "leading an ace into a high-level notrump contract is probably a bad idea". Granted, we had no chance at that one. Ken went for a slam when we barely had what we needed for game, and we were really weak in diamonds. We got a game on the first hand, and the opponents got a game on the last hand.

The only really memorable part of my work day was two calls asking about a driver's safety course on my cell phone. I assume the incorrect listing was fixed quickly, because I only got those two calls close together and then no more. I'm almost sad. It's the most I've heard of my ringtone in months. I did get another call, but it was about business stuff tangentially related to the big decision I made last week. Good news for more than just me, but not necessarily the stuff of interesting entries.

I read the first book of Spice and Wolf this morning and 14 Days in Shonan this morning. Both look very promising and I'm glad I have more of them. Durarara, on the other hand, was just weird. I don't really follow it, and I know that's the point. It's not bad, but it's disconcerting.

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