Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Well, signs of SOMETHING, maybe

I did a few things today. Finally beat that train puzzle I couldn't figure out in Professor Layton - I played through my lunch break and decided to try a random track layout before shutting down, just to see if it would work, and it did. Go figure. Surprisingly, that didn't unlock the final puzzle, so I have to find that one elsewhere. I got the pans out of the oven's drawer and cleared off the counters on both sides, just to make sure there's nothing in the way for the installation tomorrow. My two-hour window is from 2 to 4, but they made me call them back to confirm my address (and I can only assume they got the message and it had everything they needed). Why is this? Not only did they have my information in their database, but they made me fill out a paper delivery form on the day I made the purchase and write in all the same damn information. Now they need me to give it to them verbally? THIS IS THE INFORMATION AGE, BEST BUY. YOU DO NOT INSPIRE CONFIDENCE IN YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF TECHNOLOGY BY BEING UTTER MORONS. If I could draw an editorial cartoon of a Best Buy employee staring at a sheet of paper that says "2+2=4" and asking "what's two plus two equal again?" I would, but I can't.

At least this year's round of suicide prevention training was a bit less depressing than last year's. It didn't make me want to kill myself nearly as much. Still gave a list of warning signs that pretty much describes everyone, and certainly fit me pretty well, aside from the increased alcohol and drug use. And, I suppose, the idea that many of those signs are atypical. In my case, that's perfectly normal, so I don't think they can be considered signs. Anyway, I've got too much to live for. There's lots of Doctor Who I haven't watched, and I'm not watching it now. Seems like a waste.

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