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Okay... pretty typical day. Lots of Dark Cloud 2 (working my way through Balance Valley now, at least until I can create the Weapon Shop and start buying upgrade crystals... my weapons are accumulating Synth Points and I'm short of the popular crystals like Fire and Hunter), and Paul came over to give me some campaign material for the Republican Party candidates. He stopped to chat for a while and show me the incredible 419 eater site devoted to people (one guy, mainly) who strike back at the Nigerian scammers and sometimes even get money from them. The first story on the page, the famous scammer named Prince Joe Eboh, is four pages long and still going... the last entry is from late July of this year, and there's a distinct hint that there's more to come and Shiver Metimbers just hasn't gotten around to posting more of the correspondence with Fathers Mike Myers and Wayne Sworld of the Holy Order of the Red Breast. (Its members must have a red mark painted on their breast... the scammer naturally sends a picture of "himself" with this mark and even asks about the pamphlets he was supposed to receive with more details about the religion.) I'm sure that by now you all know my fascination with human stupidity in all its forms, and this example of someone being so smart that they can pretend to be stupid and pull it off successfully attests very highly to the stupidity of the person on the other end. But then enough people have been taken in by the scam that we see what I mean when I say that a person can be as smart as you like, but people are stupid... it's the trends that tend toward doing things that don't make any sense and end up having negative consequences. With the lottery, you're spending only a few dollars for an almost nonexistant chance at a large amount. Sending thousands to someone you've never met... well, I don't want to rub it in for the people who did fall victim to the scam already. I'm Cynical, not cruel (generally). They all had good reasons for believing the lie. After all, "lie" is part of "believe", isn't it? Good old English. And Goode Olde Ye Englishe too.

Yeah, I've been working on QEFEFZ again. And just to round off everything that happened today...

"Where were you, anyway?" asked Mihoshi.
Clef sighed. "It seems that someone -" he glared at Mihoshi, who innocently smiled back "- sent a rather large sum of money to a Prince Joe Eboh in Nigeria, and I had to go set things right."
"Did we get our twenty-five million dollars?" Mihoshi asked with a glint of hope in her eyes. She fell into a pit.
"NOW everything's taken care of," Clef announced triumphantly.

I just had to work an E-mail scam reference in there somewhere after what I did at the beginning of the episode, which I probably posted here way back when... months ago, when I started the episode. It's been a long time. And you can see the relative pacing throughout the chapter, as I mark in the story exactly where I was when I purchased and read each book of Excel Saga as it came out. And if book eight comes out before I finish my wrap-up... well, that'll go in there too, somehow. Geez, I was only about 2/3 done the first half of the chapter at the start of the week! How did I DO that? Oh yeah... some of these scenes were already written. ^_^

And I watched all the usual cartoons and one episode of Super Gals... too much Dark Cloud 2 for me, unfortunately. I'll have to crack down and watch the last episode on the DVD tomorrow and force myself to watch more of what anime I have before I buy more. Fortunately, nothing new at Sam Goody this week... they had Et Cetera volume 1, but I didn't feel like making a purchase just for that. I'll get it at Waldenbooks next week, probably, or buy it along with GXP 5 this week to use up my $25 certificate.

Also, I must remember to buy toilet paper when I go to Kroger tomorrow. This is the sort of thing that I always forget, but it only stays forgotten for so long. I know there's nobody out there who can remind me when the time comes, but if I see it enough times, it'll come to me. All I need are pictures of a cardboard tube, paper, and a toilet, and...
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