Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Ahh, a Dark Cloud 2 marathon. The perfect way to end what has probably been the strangest week in my life. I still haven't figured out what's going on, friend-wise, except that I've confused a few people and I seem to be on good terms with everyone I was friends with at the start of the week, and one or two more people besides.

We had both Pauls today, and they partnered up again. Dan and I had a few early victories, including a four-trick set on the first hand when Paul S. misplayed... he was still off a few, but he could have saved a few tricks by pulling trump early. We made a 4C, they made a 3D, and we made a 1S (with three overtricks... Dan had passed with two little spades and ten points because it was all we needed for game, so I guess I can't fault him there) to win the first game. Then they set us one on a tough contract where I bid up to 3D to deny Dan's suits, and it was probably our best fit. He just didn't have enough entries for me to take advantage of his good spades in the end. Then they bid and made 4H, which was our last hand, and we were ahead. I gave up an overtrick that I shouldn't have in the 4H hand, but it was only 30 points.

And I'll put this last bit outside the cut because it's just that important. After we'd set them on the first hand, Paul pointed out that if Paul S. had played correctly, they'd only have been off by one trick. Dan's comment was "That's why I don't play correctly." I don't think you need to understand any Bridge at all to see the humor in that statement.

Work-wise, I'm back into the swing of things. I can finally test some of those fixes I implemented so long ago, and it turns out that some of them weren't in fact complete fixes. So I had to make more changes and recompile everything (I hate changing library header files), which took the rest of the day. Monday, I should have time to install the new version on a pair of drives and test it before our giant meeting... the first weekly status meeting that will actually take place in about a month. We've been THAT busy with other things, and nobody's really been making any progress on the project. *sigh*

I'm going to call it a night... I've got a lot to do tomorrow, including some downloaded episodes to watch, and of course, more games. I'd like to get some writing in too, but that will depend on a few things. And it's Triple Points this week... must make it over to Sam Goody and check out their selection, such as it may be. Some of the new manga I want might even be there.

It rained today too, and the temperature's going back up again. Good to know that SOMETHING around here is normal. (This does not mean that the weather is perpendicular to the tangent... math geeks.)

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