Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

And I ate the frozen calzones for dinner

I managed to catch up with a few backlogged Mega Man V race videos today, at the expense of most things I might have done. I got the food shopping done, although I ended up buying a ton of stuffed chicken - I could only find the brand I didn't care for in the chicken freezer, but there was a second chicken freezer in the vegetable section, where I found the good brand. At least my freezer is well-stocked... if you consider lots of stuffed chicken "well" stocked. I'm just waiting through an episode of House for a Youtube video to download. Generally, they download faster than their runtime, but I've been having Internet connection problems all day that might be causing the issue. Gah. Might try resetting parts of the system to see if that helps.

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