Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

No intention of going out there, anyway. I expect Black Friday in Indy is pretty scary.

Today's Bridge: We pulled off victory in the first rubber with a 3NT, 3S which I think made 6, and 3D with no overtricks only because we didn't need them - I would have raised to 4D if I'd needed to. The opponents made a game to start the next rubber, but couldn't make another one. I don't think they were overbid, but they faced some nasty splits, giving Mike about five tricks in a row in a 3NT contract. We ended with Mike opening 2NT while I had two kings and two queens, with square distribution. I went for Gerber and found that he had all four aces and only one king, but given the vulnerability, I went for the slam. He won a finesse for the jack of diamonds to pick up an extra trick, but lost the four-long jack of spades as well as the king of clubs. Oh well. It was a good try.

I went ahead and tried copying my Skyward Sword save to my 3DS memory card so I can bring it with me. I think it worked, which makes sense. Of course, if I play any more tonight, I'll have to recopy it, but that's not difficult. I know it works now. I could probably bring my PS3 hard drive with the Demon's Souls save, but I think I can skip that for the weekend. I'll have my 3DS, PSP, my laptop, and Skyward Sword. I think that'll be enough. I figure if I bring my controller, my mouse, and a headset, I'll have everything I need to set up shop like I'm at home. From what I can tell, I can't use Steam Cloud to transfer saved data from games like Binding of Isaac, but I've got a Legend of Fae file on this computer that's doing pretty well. Could always install some of the Telltale games if I need to... as if I'll have any shortage of things to do on Friday.

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