Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridgette: I taught Paul S. to play, and he kicked my butt. He got a beautiful hand for 3NT and I had all of 4 points to defend it. Other than that, I was doing well.

No Dark Cloud tonight... I started Full Throttle again, and that's my activity of choice for now. Amusing game, but a little limited on gameplay. Still fun.

Had some meetings today and mingled with EG&G folks. That was fun too. And that's my day. So here's a little meme I saw in jlm1779's journal. THis may be a matter of morbid curiosity on my part, but... I want your honest opinion of me. She said anonymous responses, but her journal prohibits those. Mine doesn't, so feel free to post anonymously or under your name. I know I have anonymous detractors, and they're welcome to continue making themselves look like idiots by posting their flames. Other than that, I do want to know what people think of me. Strange? Don't feel obligated to prove me wrong. ^_^

Sailor Moon episode 43... almost done already. Wow, it was fast tonight. Wish I had time to watch it. ^_^ Oh well. I can read your glowing praises of me. Well... that one comment and a bunch of inflammatory ones that will surely follow, eh?
Tags: memes, trolls

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