Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Could use a long weekend, but I have to wait another week

Today's Bridge: Dan and I tried to win the rubber, but a few sets at the end really hurt us. One was even worse than I might seem, because I had a 2NT opener with K-x of spades and four hearts. Dan responded 4S, and I had no reply to that. The hearts split 5-0 (yes, he had four), and he only had four spades with no honors, leaving us off three. The sad part is that Stayman would have landed me in 4H, and while I've made contracts like that against 5-0 trump splits, I don't think it would have ended well. Hopefully not off three, but almost certainly doubled. We could possibly run to 4NT, which is probably better, but we had no control over the spades. Then I declared 2H and 5D, off one each time due to every single possible finesse failing. That's four finesses in the diamond hand (although I only had one heart to finesse with, and Paul led the queen, giving me the jack for free and eliminating my only club loser) and probably three in the heart hand. The last one was fun, though - the only diamond we were missing was the three, and Mike led it. I used two rounds of trump just for transportation because they were useless for ruffing - I don't even think I could have reversed the dummy successfully. No slams from the opponents, though, but they did bid up to 5H to keep us out of 4S (don't think they made it, but we had no chance at our contract), and made 4H with three overtricks because I didn't cash my ace of spades before Paul could dump his. You tend to get more tricks if you bid low.

Today's Work: At least it was an earlier day than the rest of the week, although with the longer commute, that ended up being about ten minutes' difference. I got done what I needed to do. This was either in spite of or because of a rather sore throat that's had me coughing pretty hard all day, and my eyes are burning, so I'm probably going to try to turn in a bit early tonight. Tomorrow will either be a good day to do some LP work or a bad day for everything, during which I'll probably just play a bunch of games.

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