Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Not a good day, but I made up for it in game purchases

Today's Bridge: My luck held out enough to get the top card as Ken's partner. The opponents made a slam in the first hand on a great bid by Dan - Paul had opened 1S, and Dan responded a strong 3D. Paul bid 3S, Dan bid 4C, and Paul jumped to 5D. Dan thought about that for a long time, then raised to 6D. Ken cashed his ace of clubs on the first trick, which was the only trick we took, and had he not taken it then, Dan could have sluffed Paul's singleton club on a heart. Paul's six spades wouldn't have established easily, but I had four of them to the jack, so Dan couldn't have needed more than three spade tricks to get rid of his losers. I bid and made 3S with six of them to the jack - Ken had nice, long hearts and I had three to the king, so when the trump split and honors started falling, it was a done deal. Dan's opening lead of the club king around to my A-Q was a huge help - failing that, I can't make the contract. The 4H after that didn't go as well, even with more honors and a 6-2 split, but it worked out well and I got away with down one. Dan sacrificed at 4H to keep us out of a 3S I don't think we would have made anyway, and I finished the game with 1NT - making two overtricks when the opponents didn't run their diamonds. I had two tiny ones and Ken had J-8-x-x, but when Paul took the ace of clubs (establishing my two long ones) and led back a low diamond, Dan couldn't go higher than the six. My plan was to weather the storm of diamonds and hope the jack established before they could take more than five tricks, but that made it even easier. Finally, I had S x-x-x-x H J D Q-J-x C A-K-x-x-x. Ken opened 1D, Paul overcalled 1H, and I had to double, even though I felt like I might be a little strong for it. Dan redoubled, Ken bid 1S, and Paul passed, so I decided to bid 3S rather than the weaker 4S I was considering. Dan bid 4H, but I think Ken was going to bid 4S anyway. He had four spades to the A-Q-J or so and two clubs to the queen, plus four diamonds to the king, so it was a pretty easy hand, especially when the king of spades turned up onside. I was disappointed that, after establishing the clubs, he ruffed one and then sluffed the other, keeping the heart as a loser. Even ruffing one and sluffing the heart under his king of diamonds, allowing him to ruff his heart and then cash the club, would have yielded two doubled vulnerable overtricks, losing only the ace of diamonds on the opening lead. Still, we won the rubber despite the slam.

Otherwise, it was yet another day wasted due to a stupid all-hands meeting in the morning. I know they're important and other stuff I should say about them, but I got nothing out of it and didn't feel like paying for lunch when I'd brought my own. Nor did I really want to socialize or "break the ice", which I maintain would be better with an actual wall of ice. I served my time, left later than intended, and stopped at Wall Market as planned to buy baking soda for the stinky fridge. While I was there, because I didn't really want to walk away spending less than a dollar, I bought the new Kirby game for the Wii. The clerk took a good deal of interest in my Utena shirt as well as the game (and the baking soda, which was a bit odd), but he was a nice guy and the chat was pleasant enough, once he actually rang me out. I got a Subway sub on the way out, then came home to learn that the new Humble Bundle had added two games that I've been interested in - The Binding of Isaac and Blocks That Matter. So even though I have no interest at all in the headline game, I bought the bundle as well as making my planned purchase of Bastion, and preordered Jurassic Park while I was at it. Out of the bunch, the only one I've played so far is Binding of Isaac, which is pretty difficult, but like Demon's Souls, you just have to keep trying until you get lucky and maybe build up some skill. Or at least, that's what they tell me about Demon's Souls. For it being the easiest game in the universe, I'm still not convinced the first level has an end. But then, I keep getting fed up and stopping playing it for months at a time, then forget what little I learned about it in the first place. So it's yet another night of no Space Quest work, but I could probably call the credits finished and start working on a soundtrack, or add music to a long, boring scene in the SQV video. I'm trying to decide whether to offer special thanks to some Twitter friends - I probably should.

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