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Today's Bridge: Ahh, it feels good to say that. Now that Dan has returned, we had enough to play, so Mike and I teamed up against Paul S. and Dan and we returned to the good old days. We got off to a brilliant start, as Mike opened 1H while I held S A-K H 9-x-x-x-x D A-4 C x-x-x-x. Not much to do with a hand like that but bid the 4H, which we made exactly because the missing trump (K-J) didn't split. But oh well. We had a 3C hand that was pretty easy to make, then they bid up to 4H while Mike bid clubs and clubs, and he decided to double. I had five spades, five diamonds, two clubs, and the singleton 3 of hearts. I led a diamond to Mike's ace, and Paul turned out to have four of them. Then Mike underled his A-Q of spades, giving Dan the king and putting him in control to pull our trump. They made their four exactly, whereas had Mike cashed the ace of spades early, they would probably have been off one. That gave them a big boost into the second half of the rubber. Then we made a 2NT with two overtricks, possibly due to some questionable leads from the opponents and someone not taking the ace of spades when I played two spade tricks... I could have avoided them and sluffed some spades, I think, but the ace was the last trick I was going to lose anyway. Once I was out of spades, it was pretty easy to claim the rest. So we were well on our way. They got a 1NT, which they made exactly (and I'd told Paul he might consider rebidding the diamonds... passing worked just as well, since he wasn't particularly strong and Dan had indicated weakness with his 1NT response), and then we had an enjoyable round of bidding. Paul S. opened 1H, Mike doubled ("into game?" said Paul), Dan passed, and I found myself with the interesting holding of S x-x H A-Q-10-9 D K-x-x-x C J-10-x. I couldn't think of anything to describe that better than 1NT. Paul S. bid 2H, Mike bid 2S (as expected), and Dan bid 3H. That, I could double, and the contract was defined. Mike led his ace of spades and a low spade through Dan's K-Q-8. Paul called for the king to take the trick and led the queen, so I ruffed with the nine and Paul overruffed with the jack. So far, so good... I had two definite heart losers and two definite heart winners, so I might as well pull their high ones early. Paul ran a club to the board's queen, I think, and led the eight of spades for another overruff, leaving me with the two high trump. With that, he proceeded to pull the trump, so I took the first one and led the jack of clubs to Paul's king and Mike's ace. He led me back the eight, and my ten was high for our fourth trick. I had no choice at that point but to lead a low diamond, and Mike turned out to have the A-Q, so we got a diamond trick and the last high trump for off two, more than making up for the doubled game on their side. Then it was our last hand. The bidding went around once, hitting all four suits, and Mike ended in 2NT. I knew we had a nine-card fit in clubs, but I liked 2NT better if he felt he could bid it, and we made it without much trouble thanks to my six-card heart suit (without which I wouldn't have bid anything... I think I had 5 points, counting my singleton king of diamonds as 1. Mike had the ace, so it was worth a full trick).

And the writing stuff is pretty much done... not full pages quite, but I think I've said about all I can say. 12-point, 1.5 line spaced... if that's not enough for them, then, well... I won't say any more. I have no reason to.

I went to Sam Goody tonight to see if they had Angel Tails 2, although I figured if that was the only thing worth getting, I'd be better off ordering it from Animenation.

Tonight's DVDs: Angel Tails 2 and The Thin Blue Line collection.

I'm such a tool. But most of the people I know at Sam Goody will be leaving soon... some of them are starting that gaming store, Avalon, that I mentioned a while back, while others are just leaving for the sake of not being there anymore. It won't be the same without the familiar faces there.

Had the car serviced today... turns out that the cigarette lighter is fine, and it's just the pump that's bad. I can replace it easily enough, when I get around to it. Meanwhile, they said the tires and steering systems all looked good, changed the oil and topped off the fluids, and charged me about what you'd expect for all that. Not too bad.

More Dark Cloud this evening, because I can't get away from it, although I don't plan to turn it on again tonight even though I risk forgetting what I want to do next... namely, more fishing. I explored a backfloor and got an Emerald and two Sapphires... I already had a Sapphire, and nobody really needed one. I gave the Emerald to Toan for his Sax, which I'm building up just to have the Mimic Buster attribute to transfer to the Sand Breaker. Meanwhile, I finally built Xiao's Bandit Slingshot up to the Double Impact, which should be cool, and now she needs to build up a bunch of stuff to evolve it again... including everything that the Emerald would have given her. D'oh! And while I enjoy fishing to earn points for more gems, mainly because the first fish I caught in this game was worth a whopping 75 points, I seem to catch mainly 7-10 point fish now. *sigh* Goro's using the Turtle Shell now, and I think one of the evolutions for it creates the Magical Hammer. Not sure which one I'll go for, but that's probably it... the elements are easier to collect and build up than the enemy attacks are. The Sapphires are going to good use now.

And I started reading Abenobashi today... it lacks a good bit of the charm that made the anime good, but it's got a different charm all its own and more explicit sexual humor.

PAPAN: An all-purpose, monkey-type decisive battle weapon: BANANGELION!
SASSHI: This would make a copyright lawer froth at the mouth!
PAPAN: It's all right! The writers are the same!

I haven't posted an excerpt from my own writing in far too long... I guess that'll have to do for now. If I log off now, I can catch an episode of Kare Kano before bed... which is what I always say, but never manage to do it. Tonight probably won't be any different, but I can sure hope. If I watch WHILE I brush my teeth...

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