Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

The royal we? Oh, we know all about that!

It was a mostly lazy day, but I made it all the way over to Naughty Dog to try their monthly special, a Steakhouse Dog - A-1 sauce, bleu cheese crumble, and grilled onions. Great stuff. Taco Bell for dinner, perhaps less so, but it's usually a good standby for late dinners. I spent most of the day working on the Space Quest video - I recorded the last of the video and got most of it edited - I still have the longest segment of Space Quest V to do, which will require pulling parts from three source videos and arranging them in a way that makes as much sense as possible, but it's nearly complete. Once the editing is finished, which could be before bedtime, I'll just have to figure out how to split up the video and get the commentary done. Oh, and credits. Those usually all but make themselves, since it's just subtitles and music, but I should probably take care of that before deciding on how to split the video - SQ6 may need a video all to itself if the credits are really long. The total runtime, not counting SQV or the credits, is about an hour and a half. I might trim some early parts, depending on how the split works, but it may just be three long videos. Or two REALLY long videos.

I haven't been feeling great today, but at least I'm breathing well. To me, that's the important consideration. And since I didn't do anything else of interest, this morning's My Little Pony episode was worth the extra hour (which gave me time to get some stuff done beforehand), but I was sad that Fluttershy didn't get to be very interesting, and Rarity wasn't in the episode at all. I would love to have seen her reaction to Princess Luna.

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