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gambit made this, so I'm going to call it worth doing. Also, it was fun and took my mind off what other stuff I was supposed to be doing.

What is your favorite color?Red. Probably more like Candy Apple Red... been that way for decades.
Favorite ice cream flavor?I'm rather partial to Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough these days.
Favorite wild animal?Flying squirrel. Dude.
Favorite domestic animal?Can you domesticate a flying squirrel? Pretty sure I've seen it done. Otherwise, gotta go with da kitty.
Favorite band(s)?Barenaked Ladies are pretty cool. I should've gone to their concert.
Favorite actor(s)?There's something fun about Jackie Chan... and Tim Curry is everywhere.
Favorite actress(es)?Gotta go with Jewel Staite on this one. Don't give me "who", all you Firefly fans.
Favorite movie(s)?Sling Blade, Lawnmower Man, Falling Down. Probably in that order.
Favorite fast food joint?They serve joints? It depends on who's got the best special at the time...
Favorite meal of all time?Probably Chicken and Mushroom Casserole. And tacos.
Favorite junk food?Anything that needs to be unwrapped.
Favorite alcoholic drink?"Give me a milkshake." "Certainly, sir. What flavor milkshake?" "Um... beer." I don't drink.
Favorite non-alcoholic drink?Palmolive. Oh, thought it was a trick question. Root Beer's good.
Favorite board game?I've never played it and have no idea what it was called. But it looked SO cool.
Favorite card game?Probably Bridge. If I said anything else, people would beat me down with sticks.
Favorite store to shop in?Toss-up. But probably Waldenbooks would win over Suncoast because I can buy more there.
Favorite store to window-shop in?Kroger. Always fun to see the stuff I can't be bothered to buy. Then it turns out to be on sale, and I buy it. D'oh!
Favorite make of car?I really liked the Toyota until I drove the Suzuki. Now I'm in love with the Suzuki.
Favorite thing to do online?Talk to Becky. And read webcomics. And talk to other people.
Favorite person in real life?There are people in real life? Why doesn't anyone TELL me these things?
Favorite person online?Hmmm... hard to choose between Jenny and Becky. They're both so cute. ^_^
Favorite pastime(s)?Collecting large amounts of anime and manga and writing fanfiction. Occasionally, reading and watching the manga and anime I've collected.
Favorite book(s)?Anything by Terry Pratchett, but above the rest, Thief of Time. Read Soul Music first.
Favorite author(s)?That'd be Terry Pratchett.
Favorite comic book series?Video Girl Ai. (Manga counts, right? I don't read many American comic books, and those are webcomics.)
Favorite comic book writer(s)?Masakazu Katsura, the genius behind Video Girl Ai and DNA2
Favorite comic book character(s)?Aw, geez. The anime version of Mint Blancmange is adorable, but in manga... so far, I'll have to go with Sakaki.
Favorite thing to wear?T-shirt and sweat pants. Stop that.
Favorite TV show(s)?If anime's allowed, I'd say Brigadoon. If not, about all I watch anymore is The Simpsons. But Megas XLR is abundantly cool. So is Teen Titans.
Favorite song(s)?The opening theme of Magic Knight Rayearth season 2, the opening of Kare Kano, the opening of Brigadoon, and the ending of I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs. And Aluminum.


No, I can't take anything seriously. Haven't you figured that out by now?

I made the mistake of having fond memories of Dark Cloud this morning... so I started a new game, and I've just added Goro to my party and built him up a bit. For some reason, the game doesn't see fit to give me any slingshots, but I've got a ton of swords and they keep coming. My first time through, I Status Broke every weapon I had as soon as it hit level +5 and kept cycling the power to new weapons... so I never built up anything really powerful. This time, my plan was to Synth the initial weapon at that point and equip the Synth Sphere on another weapon, then just build that one up and consider building up other weapons just to Status Break them when they got powerful enough and make Synth Spheres for my main weapon. Xiao's original slingshot is up to +6 already and there's no sign of any other weapons around. Fortunately, I've got something like 7 Power-Up Powders saved... they're everywhere. If she ever DOES get another slingshot, I could beef it up right off the bat. But before that happens, I can probably buy the kickass one from fishing. And that's going to take ages to save up for, because I'm probably going to need to buy lots of Diamonds, since that's about the only way I know to gain Metal-breaking power... that, or just buy Metal-breakers, but they're not sold at any store. Yay for finally learning how to catch fish. Now, how long until I get bored of this and decide to go back and play Dark Cloud 2 from the beginning... and I haven't even beaten that one yet. Probably won't, either... this time, I'll do it the smart way and just build up one hammer, one sword, one magic ring, and three guns - because as cool as the final laser is, it's useless on that boss guy at the end of chapter 7. I spent days, possibly weeks, starting from scratch to build up a machine gun capable of dealing any damage to him. And maybe a wrench, but that final hammer (I think it was called Final Mallet) (EDIT: It's called LEGEND... I was pretty sure it was all caps, but I also remembered that LOVE was all caps... didn't remember whether there were two all-caps weapons) just plain ruled. I don't see any reason to swap it out. Of course, this isn't getting my work done, but that doesn't get done if I sit at the computer doing it either... as the days pass, I'm sure I'll either find the motivation to get it done or just do it out of desperation at the last minute. Then I'll figure out how much to space out the lines and what font to use to make it look bigger without running onto a second page. Compared to that, even the Azumanga Bridge story is probably easier.

I didn't watch any anime today, and doubt I will later, but Sailor Moon Super S arrived today. And I noticed something... Geneon is distributing "uncut dubs", but they're using the same names as the old DiC dubs from way back when. Oh well. I'm going to keep watching the subs anyway, for the obvious reasons. It's a good thing there are FAQs out there with the dub names and attacks and so on, because after all these years and all the episodes of the sub, I'm starting to forget details. But as I've explained to people who've asked me, I can't just change the names in GTP because of the complications that would arise. Like I did with ADC, I'm going to finish the story as it is first, then think about going back and making giant plot changes.

It got late while I wasn't paying attention. I need to stop doing that. Er... doing what, again?
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