Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Some stuff happened today that I can't talk about. Good stuff. One thing becomes less good if I say anything about it, and the other becomes very, very bad if I say anything about it. So I'll keep quiet about both. I also watched Sailor Moon episode 42... not really anything special, I'd say, but the story continues apace, and it's a good pace. Then I watched the second episode of Sgt. Frog, and it was an improvement over the first despite the abundance of Japanese puns that weren't easy to follow. I caught a few of them myself, though, and the fansubbers did a pretty good job of picking up what I missed. Episode 3 is nearing completion... It was at 2 hours for about that long, and it's been hovering in the less than ten minute range for a while now. But the transfer rate seems to be holding steady, and after a few days and a few restarts, the statistics are probably pretty pessimistic. And yet they're optimistic as the rate drops again and the time fluctuates wildly. A few more minutes either way, I'm sure. Might even fit in an episode of Angel Tails before bed... I'm probably going to hit Terre Haute tomorrow to look for the second DVD, but the Triple Points coupon I have is good until Tuesday, so I can wait until Sunday if that turns out to be more convenient.

I'm still trying to write a "good husband" speech that probably proves that I would make a lousy husband. If my wife was having constant nightmares because she'd just sent our daughter into the past to die and we knew we'd never see her again, and I had to try to console her, I would SO fail. It's a good thing there's no "no cheese in bed" rule or the speech I'm trying to write would be outlawed.

The download's done... and I also finished reading the stupid computer users stories tonight... only to discover the archive of familiar yet rereadable non-computer-related stupid people. Now I've got MORE Cynical literature I have to read! GAH! So, time to steel myself for some work over the weekend and possibly buying more printer ink at some point... and maybe cleaning up around here, too. This dust may not be the reason I get so stuffed up in the mornings, but it can't be helping.

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