Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Stop spoiling the episodes in the DVD menus!

The TV recording went off without a hitch, so I canceled the service appointment (once Mom reminded me about it) and watched both shows live anyway. The new season of My Little Pony hasn't lost any of its magic (so to speak), and I think this episode proved that Fluttershy is the best pony. As for Doctor Who, they managed to come up with quite a creepy episode this time.

I made it over to Best Buy to spend my $10 gift card, and earned another one for my troubles. I got some good stuff, though. Two more Doctor Who DVDs, filling in the lack of Fourth and Fifth Doctors a bit, as well as season four of Big Bang Theory, the new TMBG album, that XBox 360 disc with three downloadable games (mainly for Limbo), Punch-Out Wii, and the God of War Origins collection. I've played through about a third of Chains of Olympus on Hard difficulty so far - I must really be good at it by now, although the right analog stick helps immensely (and they even kept the L+R roll in case you're used to that), and I completed the Minor Circuit in Punch-Out, working up a bit of a sweat in the process. That game's a lot more fun than I expected, and with a new price of only $20, it's even more recommendable.

Now I'm going to finish The Trial of a Time Lord. May try to set up a stream tomorrow, because people are asking me to, although they want me to play Demon's Souls. No thanks. Falling Stars first. Maybe the easiest game in the universe after that.

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