Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I also got new shoes because my old ones have holes in them. Didn't think it was worth mentioning.

Mom came to town today, and she called me at about 1:30 to invite me to lunch. Pity I was almost finished eating mine, but we still went to Olive Garden for some of the worst service in a long time, and I managed a tiramisu. I never get to have dessert at restaurants, and they always offer good ones. We got some shopping done, and there was a rather amusing (from my perspective, at least) moment when Curt popped the trunk for Mom, but she decided to take the bag in the car with her. Since it was raining pretty hard, he got out of the car to close the trunk, and it started driving off without him. He got back in and stopped it before it had gotten very far, but it freaked everyone else out. The only thing I could do from my vantage point outside the car (I'd been just about to close the trunk, having realized that Mom wasn't planning to use it just as Curt was climbing out) was to say "The car's moving! Your car's driving and you're not in it!" I blame too much Doctor Who. Which is what I'm watching right now.

I wasn't entirely unproductive today, though... I wanted to get a new washer for the toilet and a new aerator for the kitchen sink, but I didn't realize that the washers aren't sold separately - they're actually part of the line from the valve to the inlet. So I need to drain the tank (mainly to force myself to go through with the whole thing), remove the line (assuming I can remove it from the valve... I expect to need a wrench AND pliers for that one), and take the appropriate measurements so I can get the right line. On the plus side, I can get a good quality line, I have the option of getting a new valve as well that says it will stop the pipes from rattling (that would be great, assuming it actually manages to work), and I did get that aerator. It's nice to be able to turn on the sink and not have water spewing everywhere. It comes out more slowly than I'm used to, because I got one of those low-flow aerators, but it went on easily and does its job, and that's hard to argue with. One of these days, I might even try fixing the sink in the guest bathroom. That one might just need tightening, but I could probably replace that line as well, assuming I get this first one done properly. So... take the rest of the three-day weekend to give that a try, or wait until another time?

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