Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

The Evil of the Daleks was probably my favorite Doctor Who story yet. It'll be tough to beat.

Today's Bridge: My first two hands weren't totally horrible, but when the opponents have opposing seven-card suits, there's no possible defense. Ken started the second rubber with a 4S, and then I opened 2S with S A-K-x-x-x-x H J-x D x C A-9-8-x. Maybe it's better to start with 1S, especially since Ken had S Q-J H A-x D J-10-x-x C K-10-x-x-x. We were both top for our bids, and both the spades AND the clubs split. Mike led off with his A-x of diamonds, so I ruffed and ran the Q-J of trump, then ruffed a diamond with the ace to cash the king and knock out Mike's ten. (Ruffing with the ace is so much fun.) When the outstanding clubs fell, I sluffed my losing heart on the last club to make 6. The opponents went off pretty badly in the last two hands, mainly off five in 4S to keep me out of a doomed 4C that Mike couldn't double. (If he had, I'd have retreated to 4H.) I was bidding aggressively because I had S 9-x H A-K-x D A-K-Q C J-10-x-x-x. All five of my quick tricks were good off the top, then I led a club to Ken's king, and I believe Paul let me ruff in with the 9 on yet another round of diamonds before pulling trump. Ken got a top trump later to round it off.

Today's Work: I wrote my "report" and spent quite a while getting some libraries set up so I can build under the new procedure. They neglected to port my driver to the new build setup, so I either need to figure out how to do that myself or wait for someone else to do it. I'll work that out tomorrow when I return to the lab. For now, I need to work out what to do about the videos I have hosted on Viddler and don't have the originals of. Viddler's official stance is that they don't want to host videos if people watch them. I don't know how their advertisers feel about that, but I doubt they know.

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