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Maybe a giant horse would work

Today's Bridge: Not much power on my side, but we did get a game together at the end. I had a tricky time of the final 3C. I had S x H A-K-x-x-x D 10-x C K-10-8-x-x, and Mike had opened clubs for the opposition. I overcalled hearts, Paul switched to spades, and I bid clubs twice. He had S A-J-9-x-x H x D K-x-x-x C Q-x-x. I took the ace on the opening spade lead, cashed the queen of clubs, then led to my ten, and Kevin showed out. No surprise. I cashed the ace of hearts and ruffed a low one, then probably ran a low diamond. Kevin took it and led a spade, which I ruffed low, and I cashed the king of hearts and led a low heart to pull the jack. Mike led a diamond to Kevin's ace, and he led a diamond back to Mike's jack of clubs and my king. With that, I just had to lead the last heart, and Mike's ace of clubs was only good for one of the last two tricks. I had four spades in each of the opponents' early spade contracts, setting each one if I remember correctly, but we went to 5C over their 4S and got set two doubled.

Today's Work: Surprise training. Nothing special.

I think I heard the funniest Doctor Who line this morning, in the Myth Makers storyline. The First Doctor intervenes in a fight between Achilles and Hector, who both think he's Zeus. Hector bows to him, and Achilles kills Hector. The resulting dialogue is something close to this:

DOCTOR: Why did you kill him? You never kick a man when he's down!
ACHILLES: But he blasphemed against you, Lord Zeus! He said he would trim your beard!
DOCTOR: Well, as you can see, I have no beard!
ACHILLES: I know that if you appeared to me in your true form, I would be struck blind! You always appear to mortals in disguise. To a king, you would appear to be a swan. To me, you have... taken the form of an old beggar.
DOCTOR: I beg your pardon, I do no such thing!

I love this show.

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