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Well, I got some stuff done today. Probably not as much as I'd like, but I'm coming to realize that idle time is important as well, and that perhaps relaxing doesn't have to be as much of a chore as I like to make it out to be. I finished Jak and Daxter while watching Final Destination 2, which was a funny, funny movie. Actually, it wasn't, but it cracked me up. Horror movies are like that, and this one was cheesier than most. Then I got back to work on FCM chapter 2, revising the emotional parts until I got something I vaguely liked. gambit showed me one of her old stories that had a very similar idea to it, and perhaps it inspired me a bit. And now that I know a bit about the characters she writes about, I might have a basis for reading some of her other stories. But the important part is that I'm ready to move on to the next scene, although I'm still working on what material I want in the rest of this chapter vs. pushing it off to the next chapter. And whether I want to make a car payment this week. I probably should... my finances are in a good spot, I'm getting another paycheck this Friday, and new anime and manga have been in a relative slump recently. Speaking of that, though, I did watch the first two episodes of Angel Tails. Yes, it's Tails rather than Tales... the full title in Japanese translates to "Fairy Stories: Angel Tails". And the angels refer to themselves as "tailed angels", although the subtitles say "guardian angels". Ah, the subtleties the common non-Japanese speaking fan misses. But at least you have me to point out some of the obvious ones. The series itself is pretty cute, falling just shy of the harem formula as there isn't a real romance angle in the story, since the angels think of Goro as a master more than anything else. The opening theme leads me to believe that there will eventually be twelve of them... that's a lot of angels. As for the ending theme, it sounded really familiar to me while Goro was playing it on his harmonica, and even more so when I heard the vocal version, but it wasn't until afterward, while I was washing dishes, that it hit me where I'd heard something similar... one of the incidental backgrounds in Trouble Chocolate. Specifically, the one they play while the episode title is up. I doubt anyone out there has both series to compare them, but if you do, give them a listen and see what you think.

Oh, it looks like tonight's entry is once again a single paragraph. Probably best that way... I want to turn in a bit early and catch an episode of Kare Kano from the final DVD. But I did come up with an interesting idea for tonight's dinner... I'd forgotten to thaw any meat last night, so I'd put a pound of chicken in the fridge this morning before heading out to buy food. They had Purdue chicken on sale, so I got a few pounds of that, and then I decided to use a pound of that rather than thawed frozen chicken. It didn't taste noticeably different to me, but the preparation was easier for the most part... just lots more blood. Vaguely reminiscent of Final Destination 2 in that respect, I think.

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