Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Dinner really isn't working for me, but how can you turn down a triple steak burrito?

Mostly more of the same at work, though I was invited to a dry run of a presentation to critique it and learn more about the system. What I want to know is what happened to the storms they've been calling for all week? Would have been nice to get some rain, but no, we used that all up in the first half of the year. So I've finished catching up on all the videos on the desktop (got some bookmarks on the laptop, but I'm not as concerned about those), and there's not much time pressure tomorrow morning. Just need to get to Mom's in time to get in line for a Harry Potter showing. I figure we'll probably hit Borders if we have time, now that they're liquidating. I'd like to get to Fry's and pick up some Second Doctor DVDs, but that's probably a bit out of the way for a day with tomorrow's schedule. I'd also like to finish the single sliding puzzle I have left in each Professor Layton game, but it's probably about time I try finishing Blue Dragon on the 360 and start the DS one.

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