Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I need better showmanship when guesting in Super Mario Galaxy videos. And fewer puns.

Today's Bridge: We actually had five people, and I still got to play. Dan and I had a pretty good rubber - a few small sets that I think were to our advantage, although I think Dan had a good shot at our opening 4S and gave up control. We finally managed a game with 5D (Ken cashed two aces, setting up a couple of kings for us), and the opponents came back with 6S. Kevin had opened 1S, and Ken supported him with 2NT, but Kevin forgot the convention and thought that was a denial of the suit. He had eight of them and went into Blackwood even so, but took Ken's 5C response to mean no aces and closed in 5S. With three aces and the singleton queen of hearts, Ken raised him to 6S, and they made seven. Kevin also had a singleton, so it would have been a tough bid. We finally had a chance to come in just a bit behind with a pair of 3 major contracts, but Dan played the clock and raised me to 6S when we had at least two heart losers, a diamond loser I couldn't eliminate (I sluffed it on a club that I knew Ken would ruff), and the king of spades lost the finesse. It made three.

Today's Work: Getting Netbeans to install was as simple as setting the executable bit on the install script and running it instead of sourcing it. DUH. Isn't that the first thing everyone tries? It's a pretty neat program, but the code I have to try to work with... Ugh. Just ugh. On the plus side, I'll be working from the other facility tomorrow, which cuts my commute about in half. I just have to remember to bring the laptop. Shouldn't be hard - I almost trip over it on my way out of my room.

No gaming tonight - Mico invited me to be his guest for his first Super Mario Galaxy LP video, and I'm watching a Mega Man 4 race that will run until bedtime. I finally got to watch the Piff the Magic Dragon video during the break, and that was great. I think I know how the trick was done, but the acting was worth the watch even so. You watch that act for the showmanship - like most magicians.

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