Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

It includes Blade Kitten

Day 2 of the vacation took a hiatus midday while the brothers went to enjoy a bottle of beer that cost more than I'd be willing to pay for any amount of food or drink. As I don't drink alcohol in any form that I can avoid, it would have made little sense to join them, so I stayed home to work on my Space Quest 6 LP and get the first video posted. I headed back out to meet them at Opie Taylor's for dinner, and that was my day. Still got games to play, and I picked up a few games from my Steam wish list that are on sale. Might get into a bit of that now that the video's posted, but I want to try to turn in a bit early if I can and be prepared to wake up early. We're taking Brian up to Mom's tomorrow and spending most of the day up there, the biggest family gathering I think we've had in years. Maybe not MANY years, but certainly more than one.

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