Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I can get Doctor Who audio dramas too. There's just too much OF it!

Today's Bridge: Well, I got to play, but as usual, the cards were distinctly stacked against my side. We had two hands that were playable - one featured an abundance of clubs and not much else, and the other was so lopsided that we had no trump fit. Same thing in another hand where I ended in 3NT with no club power - we had four club losers, the ace of spades, and the king-queen of diamonds I couldn't do anything about for off two. The opponents had two guaranteed slams (one of which they bid) and one hand where Dan went for a slam, ended in 5, and Ken redoubled when the split was really against them - I had K-J-x-x of trump, and I'm not even the one who doubled. As we discussed afterward, it's not often that you pick up 1000 points and still lose the rubber. Soundly.

Today's Work: I remembered after it had started that I wanted to go to the section meeting even though I didn't have to, but I forgot why. The section manager came to my desk afterward to present me with an award for my service to the previous project. Ah, yes. That was it. Still, I doubt they wanted to pay me for a second safety meeting this month. It always feels good to read praises about myself. I feel awesome. Better than reading even more standards, trying to figure out how to convince a management team that's determined to use these standards that they really don't want to do that. Or if they do, then they need to fund a basically from-scratch development. I need more information to make such a confident declaration, though, so I can give good examples. Need input!

I finally had the chance to try the new headset, and it's great. Much more comfortable than the old one, which I attached to the laptop. Now I've got a good quality headset I can use for Skype on this computer so I don't have to keep switching to take calls if I'm not also going to watch a stream or something - and even so, I can do a lot of that on this computer. Convenient. Meanwhile, I've got to take out the last trash bag and hopefully get a commentary recorded for a Space Quest video that's been sitting on my computer for about a week.

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