Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Will I ever finish His Dark Materials? Stay tuned to find out.

Happy birthday to skjam... I missed the reminder yesterday because I didn't sign into Semagic.

Yesterday's Manga: Afterschool Charisma 3, Amnesia Labyrinth 2, A Certain Scientific Railgun 1, Choco Mimi 4, Claymore 18, Gin Tama 22, Grand Guignol Orchestra 3, Hayate Cross Blade Omnibus 2, Hyde & Closer 3 and 4, Ichiroh 3 and 4, Kamisama Kiss 3, Kannagi 1, Kekkaishi 22-26 (it's been a long time... and that's one of the few series that's still being published while I can't find the new books), King of RPGs 2, Kurozakuro 4, Library Wars 5, The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya (novel 5), Haruhi-Chan 2, My Girlfriend is a Geek 3, Natsume's Book of Friends 7, Negima Neo 7 (the last one), Ninja Girls 5, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 3, Ouran High School Host Club 16, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 1, Rasetsu 9 (last one... which I can read once I find a copy of book 8), Rave Master 33-35 (an omnbius that finishes that series), Sakura Hime 2, Soul Eater 6, the Strawberry Panic novel omnibus (glad I never wasted my money on the standalone novels), Sumomo mo Momo mo 7 and 8, and We Were There 12. We found a Books-A-Million where I bought enough, considering their one-day members' sale, that buying a membership actually cost me $15 less. No kidding.

Yesterday's other stuff: The next two DVDs of Hayate the Combat Butler and the entirety of Hell Girl: Three Vessels (now that I've actually started watching the show), Penn & Teller's Bullshit season 8, Hot Shots (from the bargain bin), and some classic Doctor Who DVDs, including the first three serials (the third of which is only two episodes long) as well as two that Nash of Radio Dead Air recommended, The Three Doctors and Genesis of the Daleks. So I can watch both the introduction and the origin story of the Daleks, if I ever find the time. We watched the first half of the first serial last night, as well as the pilot, which was sort of a longer cut of the first episode where they talked over the music and a few lines were spoken by different characters. Also, Susan dripped some ink on a sheet of paper for no apparent reason. Getting to see both was certainly a good introduction to what the creators were going for as well as how TV audiences first saw the series. I expect my collection will grow bit by bit as I try to fill in gaps first with good episodes, then with whatever else there is. I may be able to watch them passively - at least most of the episodes are only half an hour long. I also bought a new USB headset, hoping that it will eliminate some sound problems I've had with the old one (which will probably migrate to the laptop so I can use Skype without needing to be on the desktop) and maybe even work with an XBox 360 controller plugged in. If not... well, I have other options, which I don't want to have to resort to. I got a couple of handheld electronic puzzle games - a Kenken game with a screw-in battery compartment (why would they do that?) and Rubik's Slide, and a couple of PS3 games - Resonance of Fate, which I've been hearing is good but was never really interested in, and Hyperdimension Neptunia, which I can't imagine will be particularly great, but I don't know whether I'll ever see another copy. Joke's probably on me, and Best Buy has stacks of it and no room on the shelves for all the copies.

I got home early this afternoon to see that Curt had cleaned up. Aside from the grime that he transferred from the kitchen counter to my bathtub (a better place for it, but I'll need to clean the tub out before I can use it), it looks much better. To see it now, you probably wouldn't believe that statement, but it's progress. I'm inspired to work on cleaning my own room this week. At least I got rid of a big box of garbage. And once they empty the dumpster, I can take all the garbage out there. For now, I'm almost caught up on videos, and I think I'll test the new used games tonight while I have the time.

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