Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I probably did

Happy birthday tomorrow to napoleonherself, who's still around LJ, at least.

More storms that never lasted very long, but were enough to make me not want to go anywhere. We're supposed to get a few days of good weather over the weekend before returning to Stormfest 2011, so that's something. I got my commentary for the next episode of Space Quest recorded, but the interruptions kept up the rest of the day, preventing me from doing any cleanup. Well, I've got the whole weekend for that as well, more or less. Also more FFXIII... my big accomplishment today was defeating an Adamanchelid (NOT worth the effort) and finding Chocobos, but not figuring out how to ride one. Don't tell me. I'll figure this out. It all culminated in movie night with The Illusionist - entertaining, but not really fulfilling. The sort of movie that you watch, and then it was watched. A bit depressing, perhaps, but it was a French animated film. I expect they're all like that.

Did I mention that the ending of Genkaku Picasso was great? It's three books long, and they're pretty thick books. You should read it if you haven't.

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