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I was thinking of heading to Greenwood today, but Curt and his girlfriend went to visit her and then on to Terre Haute for drinks, and I didn't really feel like driving alone in the rain. Today was a good day to sit around the house and do nothing productive after the week that preceded it. I eventually made it over to Barnes & Noble only because I had a very specific hankering for Moe's. The amazing thing is that I was just saying, earlier this week, that I wanted to see more of The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko. Well, either I missed the second book last week or they just got it in, but there it was, along with the second book of Itsuwaribito, which I've been wanting for quite some time. I also picked up the first book of Pavane for a Dead Girl (by Koge-Donbo) and the first two books of Twin Spica. It's probably not enough to keep me occupied for the rest of the week, although I don't know how much time I'll have at home, so it might be a good time to place an online order.

Meanwhile, rather than throw myself into the same hopeless battle in FFXIII (which I guess I'm going to have to grind some abilities for), I'm finally watching Chuck. Gotta pay attention even though I've seen most of the first season before. I'm considering switching to Avatar before long, since Mark Oshiro will be watching that starting next week (as far as I know), but I should be able to keep ahead of that. I KNOW I've seen the first season and most of the second, but I'd probably rewatch the second season because I don't remember where I left off. Again, the amount of home time will likely vary, but I might bring the DVDs with me on a future business trip.

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