Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Mask of Eternity stream in less than an hour, so posting now.

The big order of the day was finally watching the rest of Drag Me to Hell while getting my checkbook balanced. Why does she have an anvil hanging from the ceiling? I thought that was only a trope in Looney Tunes!

I got the chance to try some of the sandwiches from Naughty Dog today as well. The barbecue pulled pork sandwich was pretty good, and I got the last of the pork supply - either just until their next shipment, or forever. No idea. Probably just until the shipment.

Looks like Taco Bell got my order right. They'd better, after the people in front of us paid for their meal entirely in small change. Piles of dimes and pennies. I'm not kidding.

If you get the chance tonight and can watch a live stream, be sure to check out the Pawstream for Mask of Eternity. I expect we'll be going until after midnight. I obviously can't guarantee that I'll be in the call, but I probably will. I know the enemy, after all.

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