Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I just watched a sort of documentary on the Satellaview. That was weird.

Today's Bridge: I honestly can't remember the details of most of the hands. I declared 5C in the first one with something like S A-Q-x-x H x-x-x D x C K-Q-10-x-x facing S J-10 H K D Q-10-x-x-x-x C A-x-x-x. I took the opening diamond lead, cashed the ace of clubs and crossed to my king to pull them all, then led a spade to the jack, losing to Keith's king. With one more diamond to lose, I made the contract. Of course, the correct play was a club to my king first, so that I could end on the board and run the spade finesse twice, setting up my suit without having to lose the king. I also made a 2C where I needed to get a couple of spade ruffs before pulling trump. It was a risk, but Keith had the last one.

Today's Work: Finally got around to making new diagrams to replace the ones that no longer reflect the actual state of the system. The document I'm starting with, for the previous version, mentions this diagram in a parent document, so I hunted down the new version of that parent document to see whether I might be able to get some use out of the updated graphic. What I found was... the old diagram, with text stating that it would be the starting point for the design of the new version. (It wasn't, really, but I can understand what they were thinking. Namely, that it would be a good idea to be too lazy to update the diagram once we had the information to do so.)

I've got nothing else today... considering re-recording a few short parts of my next SQV commentary, but I don't feel like doing it tonight. With any luck, though, it should be up in the next few days.

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